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Power steering coolers mounting locations are often engineered by the vehicle manufacturer to determine the most efficient location. Typically, this position will be in the area known as the “First Air” location. This location is important because there are no fans to draw heat from the power steering cooler, so they utilize the ambient air prior to it going through the air conditioning condenser, or the coolant radiator. The size and location of the power steering cooler is determined by engineering to maximize efficiency and cool the fluid to the required operating temperature under normal driving conditions.

Are you filling up your power steering fluid reservoir and wondering, “Where is my power steering fluid going?” Maybe you know you have a power steering fluid leak but can’t find it. In either case, if you are filling the power steering fluid reservoir and eventually the fluid is going low again without changing out any components, you have a leak. The power steering system is a closed system and is not vented in any way. In order to find the leak, perform a few simple steps.

Let’s talk about the power steering cooler location. Power steering coolers will usually have very similar placement from one model of vehicle to the next. Considering the size and style of the cooler often comes in to play when engineers are designing vehicles that require a cooler. Most of the time the power steering cooler will be placed at the front of the vehicle directly behind the grill. This is most often called “first air” because it is in front of all other components.

Maybe you already have an idea on the location of your power steering cooler but you aren’t sure where all of your power steering fluid is going. Or, maybe you know you have a leak but you just can’t find it. We have some information that might help. Check out our article on power steering fluid leaks to learn more.

There’s a lot to know about power steering coolers. We consider ourselves experts on all things power steering. If you have any power steering cooler questions, please connect with our technicians in our Ask the Experts forum.

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If you’re going to check on your power steering cooler, you need to know where to look. The power steering cooler location is usually at the front of the vehicle, directly behind the grill. This is most often called “first air” as it is in front of all other components. The reason why coolers are mounted in this location is pretty interesting. To learn more on where your power steering cooler is located and why it’s placed there, check out our article on where the power steering cooler is located.

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