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There are a number of components in the vehicle that require outside air in order to bring down temperature of fluids. The power steering cooler will traditionally be in front of these other components due to the overall size of the cooler not blocking out air to the other components. This placement is crucial because there are no fans drawing heat from the cooler and it relies on the air speed and temperature to cool the fluid. If the cooler were closer to the engine, the heat generated in the engine compartment would not cool the fluid enough, potentially damaging the power steering system.

Aftermarket power steering coolers, or universal power steering coolers as they are sometimes called, are coolers that are installed by the owner of the vehicle. These coolers are most often installed when a vehicle is used in more severe conditions, such as off roading or racing. These coolers will often come with simple instructions to attach the cooler to the radiator or AC condenser in order to give it access to “first air”. Caution must be taken when installing these types of coolers because you can easily damage other components by restricting air flow to areas that require it or by simply installing them incorrectly.

Now that you have a better understanding of where a power steering cooler is located, you’re ready to check out your own vehicle. Should any questions come up after you take a look, reach out to the professionals in our Ask the Experts forum to learn more. 

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Where Is the Power Steering Cooler Location

Let’s talk about the power steering cooler location. Power steering coolers will usually have very similar placement from one model of vehicle to the next. Considering the size and style of the cooler often comes in to play when engineers are designing vehicles that require a cooler. Most of the time the power steering cooler will be placed at the front of the vehicle directly behind the grill. This is most often called “first air” because it is in front of all other components.

Where Is

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