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It’s common for us to get asked questions on how often car fluids need to be replaced. There are a number of different types of fluids in the vehicles on the road today. All vehicles have transmission fluid, wiper fluid, and brake fluid and engine coolant. Traditional internal combustion engines also have engine oil and gasoline, while the newer electric vehicles do not. Traditional hydraulic power steering vehicles have power steering fluid in addition to all of the other fluids but most electric steering systems don’t require any. Then, in addition to all of those fluids, there is also differential fluid and transfer case fluid, all depending on the style of driveline the vehicle has.

Many ask how often a power steering system has to be replaced. First, we think you should know more about your power steering system. There are traditionally around 4 or 5 total components to a power steering system. Some systems may have more components if they have a hydro-boost system. The components are the power steering pump, the steering gear or rack and pinion, the high-pressure power steering line, and the power steering fluid return line. Some vehicles will also include a power steering cooler, especially if they have things like a tow package, or performance package. With all of these parts, it’s important to know more about when you'll need to replace your power steering system.

When it’s time to replace a power steering system, you will usually start to see symptoms. If any of the power steering components develop a leak they should immediately be replaced. And, if the power steering parts start to show looseness or slop, it’s time to replace.

Another common question we get concerns when to replace car fluids. All of the fluids in your car will have different life expectancies. The manufacturer sets a schedule for when each fluid should be changed. The lifespans of each fluid are usually either time or mileage based. In order to determine what the lifespan for each fluid is, it is recommended you review your owner's manual. This is a good way to know when it’s time to replace your car’s fluids.

We’d like to point out that one of the most overlooked fluid on the vehicle is often the power steering fluid. And, because the power steering fluid goes through tremendous amounts of adversity every time the vehicle is driven, you don’t want to forget to change your power steering fluid. Check out this article for more detailed answers about how often to replace fluids and parts in your car. 

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If you’re looking for advice on power steering replacement or maintenance, our experts have you covered. Whether you need to know how often your power steering needs to be replaced or how often to change your power steering fluid, we have some power steering tips for you. As car maintenance experts, you can also count on us for basic car maintenance info like how often you should replace the fluids in your car.

Should you want to know how often a power steering system needs to be replaced, we think you should start with knowing about the main components to a power steering system. The main components of a power steering system include the power steering pump, the steering gear, or rack and pinion, the high-pressure power steering line, and the power steering fluid return line. You'll want to check to see if your vehicle also includes a power steering cooler.

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