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All vehicles that require a power steering cooler for normal driving conditions will have one installed during production. However, some people use their vehicle different from what the initial designers had in mind, resulting in the need to install an aftermarket power steering cooler. If this is the case for your situation you will want to mount the power steering cooler in an area free of obstructions, and mount it tight enough to reduce vibration. If the aftermarket cooler comes with an installation kit, review the instructions. Most of them will suggest you mount the cooler in front of the AC condenser utilizing included clips.

Some power steering coolers are mounted above an air dam. If that is the case, it is important that the air dam remain in place. Often times oil change locations or vehicle owners may remove the air dam to perform an oil change and think the vehicle does not require it for operation and discard it. Removal of the air dam will result in changes to the air flow, potentially causing the power steering cooler to not operate as designed. In addition to the air dam problem, sometimes power steering coolers are mounted to the grill of a vehicle. If a customer chooses to replace the factory grill with an aftermarket grill that does not include the mounting points for the power steering cooler, it is very important to get the cooler as close to its original position as possible.

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Where Do You Mount a Power Steering Cooler

Power steering coolers mounting locations are often engineered by the vehicle manufacturer to determine the most efficient location. Typically, this position will be in the area known as the “First Air” location. This location is important because there are no fans to draw heat from the power steering cooler, so they utilize the ambient air prior to it going through the air conditioning condenser, or the coolant radiator. The size and location of the power steering cooler is determined by engineering to maximize efficiency and cool the fluid to the required operating temperature under normal driving conditions.

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