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First, see if there are any leaks coming from the power steering hose. Some leaks will develop and be very obvious, like when the pressure hose leaks from the rubber and power steering fluid may be squirting out. Other times the leak may develop on the return side and since the pressure is much less, the fluid may leak at a slow drip. Other potential leak points are at hose clamps or where the rubber hose gets crimped to the steel tube. You will usually want to check for power steering leaks while the vehicle is running, as this allows the power steering pump to pressurize the system and some leaks will only be present when the system is under pressure. In addition to the hoses, the power steering cooler can also rust out and develop leaks. The power steering cooler is traditionally at the very front of the vehicle by the radiator and is often times very easy to replace. It should be inspected regularly for rust and damage.

Additionally, power steering hoses are also prone to deterioration. If your vehicle is more than seven years old, it might be time to start considering replacing your power steering lines. The reason for this is that power steering hoses will deteriorate from the inside out. The rubber will start to break down and pieces of it may end up in your power steering system. Often times replacing your power steering hoses and performing a power steering fluid flush can prolong the lifetime of your power steering pump and steering gear. Old power steering hose replacement is much less expensive and evasive to replace compared to the power steering hard parts.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the common symptoms of a bad or failing power steering hose. Should you have other questions concerning power steering, we’re here to help. Post a question in our Ask the Experts forum to hear from our technicians. We are your resource or the best information on power steering

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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Power Steering Hose

There are a number of different signs of a failing power steering hose. Some of the symptoms of a bad or failing power steering hose are obvious and others are more subtle. If you are experiencing any issues with your power steering system, it is crucial you inspect the entire system for potential failures or damage. When inspecting power steering hoses, pay attention to a couple of things.


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