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The inside of an engine compartment where the power steering system operates is a hot, dry, and dirty area that is constantly exposed to the elements. This type of environment will often cause rubber hoses, seals and O-rings to rot out. In addition to rubber deterioration, often times leaks can develop from rubber of metal rubbing together for extended periods of time causing leaks.

In addition to the environmental issues causing power steering fluid leaks, another common culprit is the pressure at which the power steering system operates. Traditional power steering systems operate between 150-250 PSI. This intense pressure can cause parts to fail, especially when components are not properly maintained. Many OEM’s do not include a power steering fluid flush in their maintenance suggestions. A problem can develop when power steering fluid becomes contaminated with dust, debris, or in some circumstances metal shavings from previously failed components. This debris can become clogged in hoses or tubes and create a blockage which results in increased power steering fluid pressure. Once the pressure increases, a power steering fluid leak will develop in the system because it is only designed to withstand so much pressure.

We hope this gives you more info on why you might have a power steering fluid leak. We like to consider ourselves the experts when it comes to power steering coolers.  If you have any power steering cooler questions, please connect with our technicians in our Ask the Experts forum.

Power Steering Q & A > Why Is? > Why is my Power Steering Fluid Leaking (Leaking Power Steering Fluid Causes)?

Why is my Power Steering Fluid Leaking (Leaking Power Steering Fluid Causes)

There are many different types of fluids in vehicles today. The average vehicle contains a minimum of 6 different fluid types. If you want to know why your power steering fluid is leaking, it’s important to know that power steering fluid leaks can develop for a number of reasons. If you are wondering why power steering fluid leaks are happening on your vehicle, you should consider things like age, mileage, type of driving, or the climate you drive in.

Why Is

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