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Let’s discuss when to replace a power steering reservoir. Certain power steering fluid reservoirs contain screens that are designed to prevent any containments from entering the power steering system. The problem with these screens is that they can become clogged with debris. When these screens become clogged, it will cause the power steering pump to reduce the flow of power steering fluid. This can cause noise as well as loss of power steering assist. You will often be able to tell if the screen in the reservoir is clogged by monitoring the reservoir when the vehicle is running. If you notice bubbles or excessive turbulence, it can be an indication the screen is clogged. Certain OEM’s have issued technical service bulletins regarding the issue of clogged screens on power steering fluid reservoirs. The solution in order to fix the issue is to replace the reservoir.

In addition to the issue of a clogged screen requiring the reservoir to be replaced, age and deuteriation can also require the reservoir to be replaced. Most reservoirs are made of plastic and are in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations. This can cause the plastic to become brittle, crack and leak. In addition to the plastic cracking, it can also become extremely dirty. This makes it nearly impossible to see to best measure the power steering fluid level. It is imperative to keep the power steering fluid at the operating level and if you are unable to determine the fluid level, you run the risk of damaging important power steering components.

We hope this helps you understand more about the importance of knowing when to replace the power steering reservoir. We consider ourselves experts on all things power steering. If you have questions on the power steering system, reach out to professionals in our Ask the Experts forum.

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When Should a Power Steering Reservoir Be Replaced

It’s important for car owners to know when their power steering reservoir should be replaced. Replacing a power steering reservoir is often overlooked as a fix for a power steering noise or stiff steering. Most of the time power steering reservoirs are changed due to a leak or a new one might come with a new power steering pump. However, there are other reasons to change a power steering fluid reservoir.


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