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1. A previously failed power steering component that failed internally causing metal pieces to contaminate the power steering system, resulting in blockage in the system, reducing the flow of the power steering fluid.

2. Using the wrong power steering fluid for your vehicle. Every vehicle is designed for a specific power steering fluid. Using the wrong fluid can cause damage to the system and premature failure of the power steering components.

3. Excessive heat or cold. Power steering fluid is used as both a lubricant and a coolant for the power steering system. If the fluid gets too cold, it will become much thicker, and the pump will struggle to push the fluid through the system, resulting in lack of lubrication. If the fluid becomes too hot, it will not cool the system properly resulting in overheated metal that may

bend or become distorted, which will cause the power steering system to not function as designed.

4. Oversized wheels and tires. This is an often-overlooked issue. While those upgraded tires and wheels may look great on your vehicle, if they weigh more than the original equipment tires and wheels did, you are putting added stress on your power steering system.

We hope this list of the top four causes of power steering system damage give you some insight on why your power steering system may be damaged. To learn how to fix your power steering system, check out our other articles. You also have the option to post a question in our in our Ask the Experts section. One of our power steering experts can help.

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The Top 4 Causes of Power Steering System Damage

The top four causes of power steering system damage are listed below. Power steering system damage is not limited to these specific things, but they happen to be the most common causes of power steering issues. If you notice any inconsistencies with your power steering system, reviewing this list could help determine what may be causing your problem.

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