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In addition to the fluid leaking out, another cause of concern is introducing air into a system that is not designed to handle air. When a power steering system has air introduced into it, the power steering pump will start to cavitate, resulting in a whining or moaning noise.  Oftentimes power steering leaks will only be noticeable when the engine is running.  This is due to the system being pressurized.  Due to this, people will often notice the noise before they notice any leaks.  So, if you notice any noises coming from under the hood, especially while turning the steering wheel, it is best to have your power steering system inspected thoroughly.

The power steering system typically does not contain that much fluid.  Some systems carry less than 18 ounces of fluid.  So, a leak of any amount won't take long to empty the system of fluid completely.  When the power steering system no longer has any fluid,the vehicle will no longer have power steering assist.  In addition to losing power steering assist, the lack of lubrication provided by the power steering fluid will cause damage to the main power steering components.  This means what may be a small repair of just a power steering hose can result in a much more expensive repair if the leak is not repaired quickly.

If you have questions on your power steering cooling system, please reach out to the professionals in the Ask the Experts forum. 

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Steering Fluid Leak: A Bad Sign

What are some signs of a bad power steering leak and what does it mean for your vehicle? Generally speaking, all power steering leaks are a concern, whether they are large or small. In most cases, a small leak can turn into a large leak very quickly. This is because the power steering system is under a lot of pressure, and small holes in the system can quickly turn into large ones.

Signs That

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