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The average power steering cooler retail price is probably somewhere around $150. However, there are a number of different sizes for power steering coolers, so some will cost much more and others will cost much less. Taking into account the cost of the part when trying to determine overall cost is important, but other things to consider are: Is there any diagnostic charge? Are you having any other components replaced at the same time? Are you performing a power steering fluid flush? All of these could add extra cost to the replacement of the power steering cooler.

So, what is the overall average expense of a power steering cooler replacement? Considering the current national average flat rate charge and the average cooler price, it should be somewhere around $300. It could also be as low as $150 or over $500. It is important to remember that when replacing a power steering cooler performing a power steering flush and potentially changing out any other failing or old parts is important and should always be considered.

Now that you have a better understanding of how much replacing your power steering cooler should cost, you can decide on the best replacement part for you.  If you have any additional power steering cooler questions, reach out to the technicians in our Ask the Experts forum.

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What Is the Price Range to Replace a Power Steering Cooler

Cost to replace any component on your vehicle can vary greatly on a number of different factors. Trying to judge what the cost of replacing your power steering cooler will be is going to be determined by the cost of the part, and how much labor is involved in having it replaced. Most power steering coolers are relatively easy to replace; however, determining the labor will be based on what the shop charges per flat rate hour and the number of hours the book says are required to change the cooler.

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