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1. What type of vehicle do you drive?

2. Is there an aftermarket part option, or is your only choice the OEM part?

3. Are you capable of doing the job, or do you need to pay a professional?

4. Will you be performing a power steering flush in addition to replacing the cooler?

5. Will any additional components need to be replaced?

We think the five items above should be your first considerations when looking at the cost of replacing a power steering cooler. There are certainly other factors involved with any vehicle repair, but when considering how much it will be to replace a power steering cooler, start with these five questions. We consider ourselves power steering experts. If you need more information for your specific situation, you can post a question in our Ask the Experts section. We’d love to help.

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Power Steering Cooler Replacement Cost: Five Things to Consider

Power steering cooler replacement cost will vary depending on a few key factors for your vehicle. We think these five things should be considered when looking at power steering replacement costs. First, consider the make and model of your vehicle and what type of part you want to replace it with. In addition to those few items, the decision to allow a professional to perform the job or try to take it on yourself will affect the total cost.

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