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Replacing power steering fluid starts by removing the return line from the power steering reservoir and allowing the fluid to drain into a pan from both the reservoir and the return line. Once the system is completely drained, you should cap off the return port on the reservoir and refill it with fluid. Once the reservoir is refilled, you will need to rotate the steering wheel all the way from one side to the other multiple times while the vehicle is off until the fluid comes out clean from the disconnected return line. You may need to refill the system prior to the fluid coming out clean, so keep an eye on the amount of fluid in the reservoir. Once the power steering fluid comes out clean, reattach the return line to the reservoir, start the vehicle, and allow any air in the system to purge itself. Sometimes turning the wheel lock to lock while the vehicle is running will help any stuck air to escape. 

Utilizing the right power steering fluid for your vehicle is crucial. Most manufacturers offer a specific type of fluid that is designed for their specific power steering system. Mixing fluids can cause damage to seals and components, so always check the owner's manual for specific fluid type requirements. In addition to fluid type requirements, some OEM’s have specific air purging processes for their power steering system, so it is always recommended to review the manufactures’ process for bleeding air out of the power steering system. Most of this information can be found in your owner's manual.

We hope you now have a better understanding of how long it takes to perform a power steering fluid exchange. Whatever questions you have concerning power steering, we’re here to help. You can post a question in our Ask the Experts forum to hear from our technicians. We are your resource or the best information on power steering

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How Long Does it Take to Change Power Steering Fluid

How long does it take to change the power steering fluid in a vehicle? Power steering fluid exchange is a quick and very beneficial service. The process of replacing the power steering fluid can take just a couple of minutes and could extend the lifespan of your power steering components by years. Changing power steering fluid requires few tools, and can be performed by people with very little automotive knowledge.

How Hard

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